Everest AID

Everest AID

Everest Aid started as a collaborative effort devoted to helping survivors of the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal. The dedication and hard work of the organization helped thousands receive immediate relief and survive the deadly disaster.

In the wake of the life catastrophe, our team searched for funds from everyone we knew and spread our words to the public to provide food, water, tents, tarpaulins, clothing, medical and sanitary supplies to areas where there was severe need. Likewise, our organization worked in helping the local Sherpa workers who became unemployed in restoring the basic needs. Our team succeeded to rehabilitate the demolished villages and help bring back safety in the Everest region.

Short Term Goals

  • Distribute Educational Necessities to students in local schools
  • Provide local Health Posts with medical aid and relief
  • Rebuild libraries and establish educational programs
  • Provide Assistance for elders in the village
  • Supply villagers with basic needs, such as cloth and food drive

Long Term Goals

  • Educating the locals in the importance of child education and refute child labor
  • Advocate and improve women’s and maternal healthcare
  • Establish geriatric healthcare system
  • Institute local educational and employment opportunities
  • Provide scholarships for students in the local schools
  • Help decrease environmental pollution in the region